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Samuel Walker Houston and the Alumni

Samuel Walker Houston

Founder and Former Principal

(The unveiling and presentation of this portrait was made at the first reunion on August 4, 1974)

The following words were spoken at the ceremony.

The Sam Houston High School Alumni and Ex-Students Association was organized in the middle twenties (1920's) by the late principal Samuel Walker Houston, and one of his graduating classes.

Mr. Houston expressed a desire to keep in touch with all of his students long after they had left high school wherever they went, and he wanted to know about their successes as well as their failures. He always advised his students to

"keep on keeping on, but always touch-up at home base."

The idea of returning home each year sharing our experiences with each other and visiting our school and homes became known and celebrated as "Homecoming." The local ex-students were organized in what we called an Alumni Association.

In order that we may not forget the benefit this man's life has meant to us we dedicate this service, as a testimony to the fact that we appreciate his efforts to instill in each of us his ideas of a good and useful life. In recognition of the sacrifices he made in our behalf, therefore, I charge you to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said,

"He that would be greatest among you, let him be servant of all."

May the blessings of the Father, God, be upon you and lead you into the maximum utilization of your powers in the service of mankind as did this man whose life was spent for others. In whose memory we dedicate this service.

Preserving the History & Legacy of Samuel Walker Houston

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