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Looking for Identification

Updated: Jun 11

As many of you know, the Samuel Walker Houston Museum & Cultural Center has hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on display of alumni members and also many local people of the surrounding communities.

The museum also has many photos which are unidentified of past alumni. Such is the case with the photo below of a young man neatly dressed in some type of uniform that was found in one of our files without any identification. So we are reaching out to the alumni members and anyone else in the community who might be able to shed some light on his identity. In case any can solve this important dilemna, please contact the Center and let us know, so all of us can relish in this knowledge of knowing this young man, that in some way perhaps had ties to the alumni, seeing his photo was located in the museum's files. He should not be forgotten.

Here at the Center, one of our unstated motto is; "never leave behind any photo that might be identified."

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