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Reunion Flashback: 1974 Sam Houston High School Reunion

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

In 1974 the SHHS Alumni and Ex Students Association held their school reunion on August 3rd, and the 4th. This was 49 years ago. I'm sure those who attended will tell you about the wonderful time they had. For those who didn't attend, all is not lost. The great work of the 1974 Alumni and ex students had us in mind by producing a souvenir program. Thanks to their foresight and efforts anyone today can take a trip back to that time by visiting the Samuel Walker Houston Museum and Cultural Center where these things and more are on display.


Mrs Mary L. Oliphant 1974 President Of Huntsville Chapter

Welcome Address.

The 1974 Sam Houston High School Reunion Program

The 1974 Huntsville Alumni Chapter

"Preserving the Legacy"

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