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The Director's Parade

In 1974, the first Director of the SWH Museum and Cultural Center was elected. That first director passed the baton to the second director, and second director passed the baton to the third and so forth. Hence 48 years later, that baton has now been passed through the hands of 8 directors, 4 men and 4 women, who sacrificed much of their time and energy in caring and directing the business of the Center, all done in an effort to preserve the legacy of Professor Samuel Walker Houston.

Each of these directors deserves their due credit. I say, give it up to these fine folks for all their work for the Center, the Alumni, and the Community. They have kept the initial dreams of Professor Houston alive to this very day. After all, they didn't have to do it.

I pose the questions: "What if these folks had not taken the helm???" Would the Center, the Alumni, and the Community be richer or poorer??? The reader can make this call.

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